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5 accessories for the bridegroom

On D-Day, the bride is still the most important person and all eyes are on her. This does not mean that the groom does not have the right to show off, on the contrary.


Here are some accessories and tips dedicated to the groom for the Big Day.


The purpose of this little guide is to inspire the grooms and allow them to plan with serenity the last details that will enhance their outfit when the time comes.

The wedding is an ideal event to wear different accessories. The groom should not hesitate to have fun by choosing colors that will make him stand out. If the bride and groom have chosen a particular theme, the groom will have the opportunity to customize his accessories according to this theme. In addition, these few accessories will allow you to try new looks while respecting your budget.


The groom can choose different types of accessories, including cufflinks and tip clips, a buttonhole, a bow tie or a tie depending on the theme chosen, or even a discreet bracelet.


The cufflinks and the tie clip can both be worn at the same time and it is recommended to opt for a solid color, gold or silver if you opt for a traditional look, or in different materials such as wood or stone and different shapes if you want a marriage rich in color and somewhat atypical.

A word of advice on how to wear the clip correctly: it must be placed between the third and fourth button, adorning the top of the shirt and of course without exceeding the width of the tie.


If the theme of the wedding is traditional, a bow tie might be required.

The bow tie will make you a classic and chic man if you choose a black one with a tuxedo or a colorful and original groom if you opt for a bright color, light blue, red or even orange. Wooden bow ties are also the new trend in recent years, it will give a chic, refined and very original style to your outfit. If you are not used to bow ties, no worries, there are pre-tied bow ties, and no difference can be seen in your look.


A buttonhole matchingwith the tone and color of your shirt will enhance your pocket square if it is the opposite color. The buttonholes in the shape of flowers (especially in the shape of a rose or daisy) are very trendy and you will find them in a range of colors and multiple shapes. If you choose a pocket square as well as a buttonhole, avoid any color dissonance like red and pink, or yellow and green. Instead, choose 2 gradient colors like the bench and gray or burgundy red and dark red.



Finally, a bracelet has always been a timeless accessory. Wearing a bracelet gives a fairly “casual” style while remaining a very elegant and discreet fashion accessory. Several options are available, such as a leather one, a stone bracelet or even a classic but elegant steel bracelet that will look good with most outfits.